Over 40 years of construction experience… there isn’t anything we can’t do for your next project
What’s old is new again. Helping transform the face of Boston’s neighborhoods
Making you look good, from the ground up…let’s get going

Glacon Contracting, building Partnerships...


Glacon Contracting Co., Inc. conducts its business by treating each party with respect and personal attention.


We are a full service general contracting company providing construction and construction management services.


Owner Murray Glazer brings over forty years of general contracting experience in all aspects of construction.


Glacon Contracting and its employees, vendors and subcontractors will always put safety first to ensure your project meets the latest OSHA requirements.

What makes us so good to work with? Partnership…

Partnership, where every member of the team plays an important role in the success of the project. Long before the first shovel hits a job site, owners have spent, sometimes years, finding the right location, coming up with the vision and financing to make their project a success, whether a new ground up multi-family residential project in South Boston, the renovation of an existing space to create a new home for a theater company or a spectacular new church that is architectural eye candy. It’s personal…we get that, so every project is treated with the respect that it deserves.

Mixed use and
Multi-family residential

“There isn’t anything that we cannot do… Let our decades of practical and technical expertise in the field save you time and money. Real time “learning experiences” when you don’t have that knowledge can be costly!”

Mixed use and Multi-family residential projects…the buzz words of today’s new and bold real estate developers.

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